Allied Jupiter

Anaesthesia Ventilator

Allied Jupiter Anaesthesia Ventilator is a pneumatically driven, time cycled ventilator for use with adults and paediatrics by changing the belows assembly. Allied Jupiter Anaesthesia Ventilator are designed with “Unique inbuilt calculator to guide initial setting of ventilation parameters and inspiratory flow” making it easy to use with any anaesthesia machine or boyle's apparatus & require minimum servicing or can be serviced without special service tools.

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  • Time cycled pressure limited electronically controlled, Pneumatically driven Anaesthesia Ventilator with Ascending type Adult belows
  • 3.2" monochromatic display, CMV & Manual Modes suitable for Adult & paediatric patients
  • Controls for Inspiratory & Expiratory Time, Inspiratory Flow and Pressure Limit, Digital calculator for setting Tidal Volume having Range from 50ml–1500ml
  • Inverse I:E ratio settable, range from 4:1–1:10 Inbuilt Audio - Visual Alarms,
  • Inbuilt Battery upto 4hrs. Pressure trigger for better patient’s synchrony