Allied Meditec NeptunePlus

Anaesthesia Workstation

The NeptunePLUS excels in performance and offers complete flexibility to the Anaesthetist. With an integrated design and excellent quality, each anaesthesia system is custom built to meet your requirements. It provides optimum patient care and includes in-built battery backup in case of mains failure.

Advanced Technology, Modular Design, Open Architecture, Ease of Use

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  • Mechanical Cascaded Low Flowmeters for Oxygen, Nitrous Oxide and Air with backlight
  • Mechanical Anti Hypoxic Guard, Audio Visual alarm for Oxygen Failure, Integrated Twin Selectatec Manifold, Standard Auxilary Oxygen Flowmeter, Work surface lighting 10.1" TFT Ventilator with touch screen control, Ventilation Modes for VCV, PCV, SIMV-V, SIMV-P, PSV, SPONT , PLV & Manual.
  • Cardiac By-Pass mode.
  • Electronic PEEP, Fi02 Monitoring, Waveforms & Loops Display, Integrated Circle Absorber with direct ventilator switching NIST Pipeline Inlets for Oxygen, Nitrous Oxide & Air Dual Canister Circle Absorber
  • Pin-Indixed Cylinder Yokes 1 for Oxygen and 1 for Nitrous Oxide, 2 Deep Spaced Drawers with writing table, Provision for document holder