Allied Meditec M700 Series


The Allied Meditec M700 Series offers you the monitoring of your choice.

Whether the requirement is for basic or advanced monitoring the Allied Meditec M700 series offers all the solutions. From basic hemodynamic monitoring to advanced anaesthesia monitoring including depth of anaesthesia monitoring all parameters are available. The M700 series offers a wide choice of Upgradable (Pre-configutred) & Modular Monitors to suit your requirement and budgets.

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  • Suitable Bedside monitors for Adult/Paediatric & neonatal patients
  • User selectable priority alarms - Red, Yellow, Orange color coded

  • Standard Monitoring Display, Large Font Intensive Care Display, Trend Graph/ Monitoring Co- Display, Bed to Bed view Display (optional), OxyCRG Dynamic View Display, Drug Dose Calculation Interface

  • ECG-CardioTec - 12-lead ECG Analysis
  • Masimo Set SpO2 Technology
  • Mainstream CO2 & Sidestream CO2
  • Dual IBP

  • Multi-GAS - Masimo Sidestream & Mainstream Para-magnetic O2 sensors
  • Support 4-Channel IBP
  • Electroencephalography EEG measurement
  • ICG - US BIoz® Non-invasive Hemodynamic
  • Depth of Anaesthesia/ BIS, Cardiac Output (CO)
  • Neuromuscular Transmission (NMT)