Allied Meditec M700CMS

Central Monitoring Station

  • Bi-directional communication with Allied Meditec M700CMS (Central Monitoring Station) by wired or wireless connection
  • Central Monitoring Software
  • User-friendly central monitoring software built on Windows platform. Advanced information integration technology to realize the concentration management of all parameters. Full digital transmission to ensure the communication accurate and reliable.
  • Central Monitoring Hardware with inbuilt software
  • - 15"/ 17"/19"/21"/24" - TFT screen Monitor with Printer
  • Wired Networking Or W-fi Networking Options
  • Standard Network Interface: TCP/IP central monitoring system, be able to observe full vital signs information of the patient
  • Full Disclosure Waveform Observation, Bi-directional Communication
  • Large Storage Capacity, Data File Review
  • Stable Internet Connection: Standard configuration for 8 bedside monitors, support maximum 128 units
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