Allied Meditec 1100

Portable Emergency Ventilator

Allied Meditec 1100 Portable Emergency Ventilator supports reliable performance in daily challenge of saving people's life, no matter where the calls take you. Suitable for use in ground emergency, Ambulance, Military Medical Services, Air Rescue Services. The multiple modes are suitable for patients with varied needs. The user-friendly design and user interface makes the Allied Meditec 1100 suitable for use in Emergency.

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  • Pneumatically Driven Ventilator with drive gas facility from cylinder or pipeline
  • Electronically controlled Alarm system with In-built battery upto 4 hours,
  • Display : 7 inch LCD with Emergency fluorescent keypad to highlight in dark condition
  • Suitable for Adult and Paediatrics,
  • Invasive & Non Invasive mode
  • Ventilaton Mode : Invasive Modes: VCV, SIMV, A/C, SIGH, MANUAL, CPAP, NIV Modes: CPAP, S/T, S
  • Mode, T Mode, PSV(OPTIONAL)
  • Facility for delivering 40% to 100% Oxygen
  • Tidal Volume 20–1500 ml
  • I: E Ratio- 4:1–1:8
  • Audio & visual alarms