Allied Meditec 1200

Portable Emergency Ventilator

Allied Meditec 1200 Emergency Ventilator is versatile, simple and economic model, designed specifically for use by respiratory therapists, paramedics and trained emergency personnel. Our 1200 Emergency Ventilator enables greater control of breathing parameters. Allied Meditec 1200 Emergency Ventilator is suitable for ventilation during emergency or controlled transportation of adults, children and infants.

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  • Pneumatically Driven Ventilator with drive gas facility from cylinder or pipeline
  • IPPV Ventilaton Mode,
  • Suitable for Adult and Paediatrics,
  • Facility for Bronchial Suction,
  • Facility for delivering 60% or 100% Oxygen
  • Electronically controlled Alarm system with In-built battery,
  • Manual Override facility,
  • Pressure Manometer Gauge for measuring Airway pressure