Veterinary Range

The Anaesthesia product offering by Allied Meditec is the widest in the industry giving you the choice to choose the best suitable model as per your requirement. Whether you are looking for the latest in technology workstation, medium-end value rich workstation or entry level workstation, we offer them all. We are the largest suppliers in India for veterinary use anaesthesia machines.

Allied JupVet Veterinary Anaesthesia Machine

Allied Medical Limited has developed the Allied JupVet Veterinary Anaesthesia Machines which dispenses the gases that are necessary to induce sleep and prevent pain to animals during surgical procedures or other potentially painful manipulations.

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  • Single Gas Machine with Flowmeters for Oxygen
  • Electrostatically Powder Coated Metal Frame with Antistatic Castors,
  • 1 Pin-Indexed Yoke & Pressure gauge each for Oxygen
  • NIST Pipeline Inletes & Pressure Gauges for Oxygen
  • Oxygen Failure Alarm, Automatic Changeover from Pipeline to Cylinder,
  • Extended Platform for 2 B-Type Bulk Cylinders, 1 Large Spacious Drawer Unit