Jupiter Plus from Allied Medical Limited

Advancing low-flow techniques with enhanced gas configuration. Allied Medical Limited (AML) Jupiter Plus anaesthesia workstation sets a new standard in anaesthesia technology, offering advanced features, sleek aesthetics, and exceptional performance. Jupiter Plus has some remarkable qualities. Its three-gas configuration, low-flow anaesthesia techniques, and ability to operate on both closed and semi-closed circuits come foremost to the mind., Complete with a breathing system and a user-friendly anaesthesia ventilator equipped with a seven inches touch screen and knob operation, it has an appealing design.

The Jupiter Plus anaesthesia workstation is transforming the world of anaesthesia. AML Jupiter Plus anaesthesia workstation boasts of a sophisticated three-gas configuration, allowing anaesthesiologists to choose the optimal combination of gases for each patient’s specific needs. With the ability to deliver oxygen, nitrous oxide and air, this workstation ensures precise control over the inspired gas mixture during surgical procedures. The inclusion of this advanced gas configuration guarantees patient safety and comfort while maximizing the efficiency of gas utilization. AML Jupiter Plus anaesthesia workstation is at the forefront of low-flow anaesthesia techniques, providing significant benefits for both patients and medical facilities. By employing low fresh gas flow rates, this system effectively reduces the consumption of volatile anaesthetic agents and other gases. Its cutting-edge flowmeter design enables accurate flow rate calculation and control, resulting in cost-effective resource utilization without compromising patient care. Not only does this feature reduce operational expenses, but it also promotes environmentally friendly practices within the medical field.

One of the standout features of the Jupiter Plus anaesthesia workstation is its versatility in operating on both closed and semi-closed circuits. This adaptability allows anaesthesiologists to tailor their approach based on individual patient requirements and the specific nature of the procedure. Closed circuits efficiently recycle exhaled gases, minimizing waste and environmental impact. On the other hand, semi-closed circuits provide controlled and stable breathing systems by supplementing fresh gas flow to meet patient demands. This flexibility enhances the Jupiter Plus’s applicability across a wide range of surgical interventions.

AML Jupiter Plus anaesthesia workstation incorporates a state-of-the-art breathing system that ensures optimal gas delivery and patient safety. This system features adjustable pressure settings, enabling precise control of ventilation parameters during surgery. Seamlessly integrated with the workstation is an anaesthesia ventilator, equipped with a user-friendly seven inches touch screen and knob operation interface, facilitating effortless and intuitive control. The ventilator offers a variety of ventilation modes to accommodate diverse patient scenarios. The volume-controlled ventilation (VCV) mode delivers a set tidal volume, ensuring consistent ventilation throughout the surgical procedure. The pressure-controlled ventilation (PCV) mode maintains a constant peak inspiratory pressure, adapting to patients with varying lung compliance. Additionally, the workstation provides synchronised intermittent mandatory ventilation modes both with volume and pressure controls (SIMV-V+PS & SIMV-P+PS) and spontaneous modes (PS), which are valuable for seamless transitions during the weaning process and post-operative extubation.

Allied Jupiter Plus anaesthesia workstation not only excels in functionality but also stands out with its attractive design. With sleek lines and a modern aesthetic, the workstation adds a touch of sophistication to any operating room environment. Its visually appealing appearance, combined with its ergonomic layout, enhances the overall user experience, and instils a sense of confidence in healthcare professionals. Allied Jupiter Plus anaesthesia workstation represents a significant advancement in anaesthetic care, combining cutting-edge technology with captivating aesthetics. Moreover, the Jupiter Plus anaesthesia workstation’s attention to aesthetic appeal adds an extra dimension to its overall value. Its sleek and modern design enhances the ambiance of the operating room while complementing the advanced technology within.

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