An ideal ventilator should maintain the much-needed patient-ventilator synchrony and ensure superior patient comfort. Our range of ventilators not only offer the latest advances in technology, but are also compact in size and offer features to meet the demands of critical care applications. The choice of invasive and non-invasive ventilation modes makes our ventilator ideal for universal use on adult to paediatric patients.

An ideal ventilator should focus on safety and patient comfort by way of its advanced modes and therefore meet the challenges of different critical situations. Our range of ventilators are suitable with both dual as well as single limb breathing circuits and are more versatile in use. Patient history storage capability, automatic parameter adjustment of patient according to height and weight, O2 streaming assisted therapy for weaning and paediatric weaning, leakage and hose system automatic compliance compensation are key features of our monitors. At Allied Meditech, we have always aimed to provide high-quality services and innovative products at affordable cost of ownership.