Allied Meditec Vista Intensive Care Ventilator With Stand

The Allied Meditec Vista is a state-of-the-art ventilator that utilizes advanced microprocessor control and pneumatic technology. This ventilator offers a unique blend of simplicity and the numerous benefits associated with modern ventilation systems. Its design caters to both adult and pediatric patients, ensuring versatile usage. With its user-friendly interface, the ventilator consistently delivers outstanding performance while being easily operated by medical professionals.

  • Invasive and Non-Invasive Ventilation
  • Large Color 15″ Touch Screen
  • Ventilation Modes – PACV, PSIMV, VACV, VSIMV, Spont, Apnea Back-up Ventilation, O2 Stream, PRVC, Bi-Level, AwPRV, Auto Vent
  • Tidal Volume Range from 2-2500ml
  • I:E Ratio 4:1 – 1:20
  • Integrated alarms& 1,000 event log
  • Integrated battery backup upto 180min
  • Waveforms for pressure vs time, flow vs time and volume vs time
  • Spirometry loops for pressure-volume, flow-volume and pressure-flow
  • Trend data-VE/min, Pmean, Ppeak, PEEP, Vte, RR, CL, RA. Optional: SpO2, PR, iCO2, EtCO2
  • Measuring data- P0.1 measurement, Exp.Flow, RSBI, CL, RA, WOBV, WOBP
  • Apnea backup
  • Built -in pneumatic nebuliser