Allied Meditec 1020 Emergency Ventilator

The Allied Meditec 1020 Emergency Ventilator is a compact and highly portable ventilation device designed for use in various healthcare settings. It finds practical application in emergency departments, emergency stations, ambulances, country hospitals, clinics, and facilitates the inter-departmental transfer of patients. Its compact size and portability make it convenient to transport and deploy in different medical environments, ensuring critical patients receive essential respiratory support whenever and wherever it is required. The Allied Meditec 1020 Emergency Ventilator serves as a reliable and efficient solution for healthcare professionals, enabling them to provide timely and effective ventilation in emergency situations.

  • Pneumatically Driven Ventilator
  • Driven from pipeline or cylinder operated with an automatic switch-over valve
  • IPPV ventilaton mode
  • Suitable for adult and paediatrics