Allied Meditec 1200 Emergency Ventilator

The Allied Meditec 1200 Emergency Ventilator is a highly versatile and cost-effective model, meticulously crafted to cater to the needs of respiratory therapists, paramedics, and trained emergency personnel. This ventilator provides enhanced control over breathing parameters, allowing for precise adjustments based on patient requirements. Specifically designed for emergency situations and controlled transportation, the Allied Meditec 1200 Emergency Ventilator accommodates adults, children, and infants, ensuring comprehensive ventilation solutions for a wide range of patients. Its user-friendly interface and intuitive design make it accessible and easy to operate in high-pressure scenarios, ensuring efficient and reliable respiratory support during critical moments.

  • Pneumatically driven ventilator with drive gas facility from cylinder or pipeline
  • IPPV ventilaton mode
  • Suitable for adult and paediatrics
  • Facility for bronchial suction
  • Facility for delivering 60% or 100% Oxygen
  • Electronically controlled alarm system with in-built battery,
  • Manual override facility,
  • Pressure manometer gauge for measuring airway pressure