Tirelessly treading the growth charts withstrategic development

The aforesaid quote by one of the leading industry pioneers truly describes the orientation that Allied Medical Limited subscribes to. The year 2022 brought a lot of promise and business prospects for the healthcare sector in India. Indian government has shifted its focus on the healthcare sector with a view to increase accessibility and affordability of service to all. This indeed is an opportunity that every healthcare organization would jump at. Industry optimists believe that this move would create an effective demand to trigger private investment in supply deficit areas. Going by this effervescence, AML has started focusing on Tier-II and Tier-III cities and towns. Business experts say that strategic planning is the Holy Grail for any organizational investment. Especially for healthcare organizations, these decisions are crucial not only for resource allocation but for meeting long- term organization goals too.

At AML, we have realized that technology acquisition in the field of healthcare has accelerated at a very fast rate. We are geared up with India’s largest critical- care products manufacturing plant, which is now operating in full swing. The new facility is five times bigger than the current factory, with dedicated R&D department that consists of more than thirty engineers, who are constantly working on the existing product development and many new innovative products that will make it easier for medical fraternity to have more intuitive approach for treating the patients in hospitals. India is known for its low-cost innovations as well as wide applications of innovations. AML has immense scope to cultivate and promote new and emerging solutions, not just for Indians but also for people across the globe.

In the age of digitization, it has become mandatory for all healthcare organizations to invest in digital technologies that will help create value for patients and employees. AML invests close to 20 percent of its budget on deployment of automated digital technologies that include the advanced ERP software for administrational processes that improved operational efficiency to a great extent, CRM software for managing the field force, and modern state-of-the-art dedicated area with advanced cameras and video conferencing solutions to provide virtual training or product demonstrations to the healthcare staff. AML has technology partnership with Meditec International England Limited, and this association enables us to manufacture equipment under international guidelines. It is an endeavor at AML to increase such technology-driven partnerships with other global leaders to come up with innovative solutions when it comes to manufacturing assemblies, subassemblies, components, etc., in the new facility at Bhiwadi, Rajasthan. The R&D and design departments have been put together with a goal to incorporate consistent innovation to stay ahead of competitors, and to enhance the competitive advantage and gain sustained growth. From marketing perspective, AML has an exciting year plan in terms of participation in the scientific and/or trade events and practical hands-on workshops.

AML has already carved a name for itself in the industry, owing to its vast product range, high quality of products, and flawless after-sales service. The new plant in Bhiwadi is already accentuating the manufacturing capacity of the company manifolds. The facility has dedicated departments for all heads. Quality control is also one of the most streamlined departments of the company that tirelessly works toward ensuring optimum quality with no tolerance for compromise.

In production line, most of the components used in all our products are designed and manufactured in house, and their assembly and calibration is also conducted in the factory. Production advancement strategies have improved survivability in the face of manufacturing world-class medical equipment, ensuring quality in critical care, emergency, and operation theater devices that are provided to the hospitals and healthcare professionals. With many factors working in our favor, AML has the potential to become a healthcare giant and a powerhouse in the healthcare field.

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