Allied 777 Emergency Resuscitation Kit With Meditec 1200 Resuscitator

Allied 777 Emergency Resuscitation Kit is a customized solution to cater all your emergency needs makes it Ideal for use on ambulances, disaster management, war fields & rural area camps, etc. The Allied 777 Emergency Resuscitation, Suction & Intubation outfit ensures that you are instantly ready with the right equipment to establish and maintain a patient airway in a respiratory arrest victim when immediate medical care is not possible.

  • Portable unbreakable, watertight & dust proof carry case with separate compartment for drugs, intubation accessories & equipment
  • Specially designed packaging with Meditec 1200 emergency ventilator with venturi suction
  • Meets carry-on military regulations, standards and NATO guidelines
  • Light weight pin-indexed cylinder with regulator and refilling attachment
  • Diagnostic instruments, adult silicon resuscitator, laryngoscope set, face masks
  • Airways, ET tubes, therapy masks, head harness, hand suction