Allied Meditec IC20 Infusion Workstation

The Allied Meditec IC20 Infusion Workstation Docking with Control Panel is an advanced and versatile system designed to enhance the management and control of infusion processes.

The IC20 Infusion Workstation Docking with Control Panel provides a centralized platform that securely houses and organizes three infusion pumps in a compact and ergonomic manner. This integration enables healthcare professionals to conveniently access and monitor the infusion pumps from a single control panel, minimizing the need to navigate multiple devices or workstations.

With its intuitive control panel, the IC20 Infusion Workstation Docking offers seamless and user-friendly operation. The control panel provides a clear display of infusion parameters, allowing healthcare providers to easily adjust and monitor infusion rates, medication dosages, and other critical settings. Additionally, the control panel facilitates quick response to alarms or alerts, ensuring prompt intervention in case of any deviations or issues.

The docking system enhances safety and organization by securely holding the infusion pumps in place during operation. It also helps streamline cable management, reducing clutter and promoting a clean and efficient workspace. This optimized setup contributes to a more ergonomic and user-friendly environment for healthcare professionals, enabling them to focus on delivering optimal patient care.

The Allied Meditec IC20 Infusion Workstation Docking with Control Panel is designed to seamlessly integrate with Allied Meditec infusion pumps, ensuring compatibility and maximizing performance. This comprehensive solution offers healthcare facilities a centralized and efficient approach to infusion management, empowering healthcare professionals to deliver precise and safe medication administration.

Flexible stack meets demands of different bedside infusion. It is convenient for transportation of patients when it installs on the elaborate handle.

Suitable for mounting both syringe pumps as well as volumetric infusion pumps simultaneously in 3 or more (in multiples of 3). Syringe and infusion pumps apply the same operation panel and every pump is an independent infusion module, all these are for the convenience of operation and user training.

The shell is made from PBT plastic and it has well characteristics of resistance to corrosion. The corrosion risk of medicine leakage could be avoided.

Sophisticated stepper motor and driving system apply 256 sub-drive programs, and the motor accuracy is as high as 36.6 nano per step and the stepping value rate is 0.01 ml/h, it can totally meet clinic demands of toxic and anaesthetic infusion or the high accuracy neonatal infusion.