Allied Meditec M700CMS Central Monitoring Station

The Allied Meditec M700 Patient Monitor Central Monitoring System is a powerful and innovative solution designed to provide comprehensive and centralized monitoring of patients in healthcare facilities. This advanced system offers a multitude of features and functionalities to ensure accurate and real-time monitoring of patient vital signs and parameters at the nursing station.

With the M700 Central Monitoring System, healthcare professionals can seamlessly monitor multiple patients from a central station, streamlining workflow and enhancing patient safety. The system is equipped with a user-friendly interface that displays vital information and other crucial parameters.

The M700 Central Monitoring System provides customizable alarms and alerts, allowing healthcare providers to set personalized thresholds for each patient. This ensures that any abnormal readings or critical changes in patient status are promptly detected, enabling swift intervention and timely medical response.

Bi-directional communication with Meditec CM700 Central Monitoring Station by wired or wireless connection

Central Monitoring Software

User-friendly central monitoring software built on Windows platform. Advanced information integration technology to realize the concentration management of all parameters. Full digital transmission to ensure the communication accurate and reliable.

Central Monitoring Hardware with inbuilt software

‘- 15″/ 17″/19″/21″/24″ – TFT screen Monitor with Printer

Wired Networking Or W-fi Networking Options

Standard Network Interface: TCP/IP central monitoring system, be able to observe full vital signs information of the patient

Full disclosure waveform observation

Bi-directional oommunication

Large storage capacity

Data file review

Stable Internet Connection: Standard configuration for 8 bedside monitors, support maximum 128 units