Allied Meditec Neptune Prime Anaesthesia Workstation

The Neptune Prime Anesthesia Workstation is a forefront solution designed to provide exceptional patient care and streamline the anesthesia process. With its advanced features and innovative technology, this workstation offers unmatched precision, safety, and ease of use.

The workstation’s interface is optimized for a 15-inch screen size, providing a clear and intuitive user experience. Equipped with electronic gas mixing technology, the Neptune Prime allows for precise control over the delivery of anesthetic gases. This advanced feature eliminates the need for manual adjustments, reducing the risk of human error and ensuring accurate gas concentrations.

  • 15.6 inches display with touch operation for Anaesthesia settings and monitoring of parameters
  • Electronic flowmeter for the graphical representation of O2 , N2O & air with fresh gas flow optimization feature
  • Backup manual O2 control in case of battery/electricity failure
  • Electronic and Mechanical Flush
  • Electronic gas mixing with digital Hypoxia guard system
  • Twin Selectatec mounting for agent specific temperature and pressure compensated vaporisers
  • NIST inlets for piped medical gases for O2 , N2O & air
  • Suitable for open, semi-open & closed-circuit system application
  • Common gas outlet (CGO)
  • Anaesthetic gas monitoring (optional)
  • Auxiliary flowmeter for oxygen and medical air
  • Supports low-flow anaesthesia
  • Open/close change over switch for convenient switch-over from open to closed system
  • Large Workbench
  • Electrical outlets for running other medical equipment
  • Work surface illumination with digital ON/OFF feature
  • One touch operation for FiO settings from 21-100%