Allied Jupiter Anaesthesia Ventilator

The Allied Jupiter Anaesthesia Ventilator is a pneumatically operated ventilator designed for both adult and pediatric patients. Its versatility lies in the ability to adapt to different patient populations by simply changing the bellows assembly. One of the standout features of the Allied Jupiter Anaesthesia Ventilator is its built-in calculator, which provides guidance for the initial configuration of ventilation parameters and inspiratory flow. This unique feature makes the ventilator user-friendly and compatible with various anaesthesia machines or Boyle’s apparatus.

Furthermore, the Allied Jupiter Anaesthesia Ventilator has low maintenance requirements, as it is designed to minimize the need for servicing. In the event that servicing is necessary, no special service are required, simplifying the maintenance process. This ensures that healthcare professionals can effectively utilize the ventilator without extensive downtime or the need for specialized expertise.

Overall, the Allied Jupiter Anaesthesia Ventilator offers a reliable and efficient solution for delivering respiratory support to patients during anesthesia procedures. Its user-friendly features, adaptability, and low maintenance requirements make it a valuable tool in any medical setting.

  • Time cycled pressure limited electronically controlled pneumatically driven anaesthesia ventilator with ascending type adult bellows
  • 3.2″ monochromatic display, CMV & Manual Modes suitable for adult and paediatric patients
  • Controls for inspiratory & expiratory time, Inspiratory Flow and Pressure Limit
  • Digital calculator for setting tidal volume having range from 50ml–1500ml
  • Inverse I:E ratio settable, range from 4:1–1:10
  • Inbuilt audio – visual alarms
  • Inbuilt battery upto 4hrs.
  • Pressure trigger for better patient’s synchrony