Allied Jupiter Anaesthesia Workstation

Drawing on the trusted platform of the Allied Jupiter Anaesthesia Machines, the design of the Allied Jupiter workstation has been meticulously crafted. This workstation presents a cost-effective yet highly functional solution specifically tailored to meet the needs of mid-size hospitals. It addresses the unique requirements of such healthcare facilities by offering a comprehensive range of features.

Despite its compact size, the Allied Jupiter Anaesthesia workstation incorporates a multitude of essential safety features necessary for administering anesthesia in modern healthcare settings. These safety measures are crucial for ensuring patient well-being and the successful delivery of anesthesia. By combining cost-effectiveness and a rich set of features, the Allied Jupiter Anaesthesia workstation serves as an ideal solution for mid-size hospitals seeking a reliable and efficient anaesthesia workstation.

  • 2 Gas machine with flowmeters for Oxygen & Nitrous Oxide
  • Electrostatically powder coated metal frame with antistatic castors
  • Low flow tubes for Oxygen and Nitorus Oxide
  • Anti hypoxic guard, Oxygen failure alarm
  • 2 Pin-indexed yokes & pressure gauges each for Oxygen & Nitrous Oxide
  • Extended platform for 2 B-type bulk cylinders, 1 large spacious drawer unit
  • NIST pipeline inlets with pressure gauges for Oxygen & Nitrous Oxide
  • Automatic changeover from pipeline to cylinder
  • Integrated dual chamber circle absorber
  • Quick release mechanism, water drain valve, APL valve
  • Integrated anaesthesia ventilator
  • 3.2″ monochromatic display, CMV & manual modes
  • Suitable for adult and pdiatric use