Allied Jupiter Series Anaesthesia Machine

Allied Medical Limited collaborated extensively with Anesthetists to create the Jupiter Anaesthesia Machines, with a strong focus on designing a user-friendly system for delivering anesthesia that promotes attentive care for patients. The Allied Jupiter Anaesthesia Machines are specifically developed to address the requirements of healthcare professionals and ensure patient safety through the incorporation of comprehensive in-built safety features. This solution not only offers cost-effectiveness but also provides a wide range of safety measures to safeguard patients during medical procedures.

To cater to diverse needs, the Allied Jupiter Anaesthesia Machines offer three distinct variants: Jupiter 200, Jupiter 300, and Jupiter 500. These models are classified based on their specific features, performance capabilities, and cost considerations. This classification enables healthcare providers to choose the most suitable model that aligns with their unique requirements and budgetary constraints.

  • 2 Gas or 3 gas machine with flowmeters for O2 & N2O or O2, N2O & air
  • Electrostatically powder coated metal frame with antistatic castors with front wheel brakes,
  • Wipe-clean stainless steel table top
  • 2 Pin-indexed yokes & pressure gauges for Oxygen & Nitrous Oxide
  • Pipelines with gas selective connectors for O, N O & Air (optional)
  • Anti Hypoxic guard, Oxygen failure alarm
  • Extended platform for 2 B-type bulk cylinders
  • Deep and spacious drawer units & convenient footrest
  • Wide monitoring shelf at eye level with securing provision
  • Integrated rear bumper/ side handle for improved maneuverability
  • Open / close circuit switch control