Allied Meditec 2800 Anaesthesia Ventilator

The Allied Meditec 2800 Anaesthesia Ventilator is a cutting-edge device designed to provide precise and reliable ventilation support during surgical procedures. This advanced ventilator offers a range of features and functionalities to ensure optimal patient care and safety.

The 2800 Anaesthesia Ventilator incorporates sophisticated technology and intuitive controls, allowing anesthesiologists and medical professionals to effectively manage the patient’s respiratory parameters. It offers various ventilation modes, such as volume control, pressure control and support modes, to accommodate different patient needs and surgical requirements.

The ventilator is equipped with advanced monitoring capabilities, including real-time monitoring of key respiratory parameters such as tidal volume, peak inspiratory pressures. This ensures accurate and continuous assessment of the patient’s respiratory status, enabling prompt adjustments and interventions if necessary.

  • Electronically controlled, pneumatically driven
  • High-Luminance 7” TFT display screen
  • Integrated FiO2 monitoring
  • Suitable for both adult and pediatric patients
  • Comprehensive alarms package
  • Electronic Settable PEEP
  • Integrated pressure, volume, oxygen and respiratory parameter monitoring
  • Ventilation modes VCV, PCV, V-SIMV+PS, P-SIMV+PS, PSV