Allied Meditec Pisces Vaporiser

Allied Meditec presents the Pisces advanced Anaesthesia vaporiser, an exceptional solution that seamlessly integrates ergonomic design with unwavering accuracy and reliability. With a diverse range of fittings and agents available, the Pisces vaporiser ensures maximum reliability while keeping operational complexities to a minimum.

A standout feature of the Pisces vaporiser lies in its uniquely designed maintenance system, making upkeep and servicing a hassle-free process. Each agent-specific vaporiser within the Pisces series delivers outstanding performance, convenience, and ergonomic benefits. Notably, the vaporisers are equipped with enhanced safety features to further improve the delivery of anaesthetic agents, prioritizing patient safety.

The Pisces advanced anaesthesia vaporiser from Allied Meditec sets new benchmarks in performance, convenience, and safety. Its ergonomic design ensures ease of use, while the focus on accuracy and reliability ensures consistent agent delivery. By offering a range of fitting and agent options, the Pisces vaporiser caters to diverse needs within the medical community, allowing healthcare professionals to provide optimal patient care during anaesthesia procedures.

  • Available for Halothane, Isoflurane and Sevoflurane
  • Filling options of Screw Fill or *Quik Fil® (Sevoflurane only), Meditec Fill®
  • Compatible with *Selectatec® backbar with interlock or Cagemount or Drager Plug-in
  • Stability ensured
  • Precision engineered for complete accuracy
  • Maintenance free
  • Performance Reliability: Performs with gas flow rates from 0.2 – 15 lpm